About Us

Who we are:

The Association for the Salvation of Cultural Heritage in Dobrogea is a non-profit and apolitical organization, which has as its main purpose the recovery of the national identity through rehabilitation, promotion and showcase of the historical values from Dobrogea.


The main objective of our association is represented by the promotion of native values and the awakening of the national consciousness . On our journey, we will never ask ourselves what our country can do for us, but only what we can do for our country. 


We will try to attract European funds, to offer advice, specialized designing and viable solutions to each person or state institution which owns or administrates a historical monument,  for the purpose of conservation and promoting its values.

We plan the writing and editing of books, publications, brochures, posters, banners, guides, maps, web pages, photo albums, informational programs, and others in order to promote cultural values.

We will organize events, thematic camps, training programs, training courses, seminars, conferences, or public debates.