The Folk Art Museum

“The old post “,  is how the building has been known for years, by all the citizens of Constanta, regardless of age. This beautiful building was built at the end of the XIX century.

The history of this building is an interesting one. Decades ago, the communists wanted to turn it into a museum of the communist party. It is the story of the place itself that defended it when the former regime wanted to turn it into a place of storage for documents that proved the victory of communism over democracy.

In 1893, a project for the headquarters of the Constanta City Hall was elaborated. The mayor, at that time Ion Banescu, wanted to host the municipality in a building worthy of the importance of a big city such as Constanta. The architect Soculescu finalized the project, and the local administration organized a tender for the award picking of the contractor that would construct it. Soculescu was always on the site and felt very attached to the project. Initially, the foundation was supposed to be only three meters. The land on which the construction was built however did not correspond to the technical requirments. To prevent the building from sloping, the workers laid eight meters of foundation on the ground. The grand-inauguration was done in 1896. At the time, it was the pride of the city. However, there was a controversy surrounding the new building. Ion Banescu, the mayor, rejected it, thing which made people very confused. The building immediately changed its owner, and the postal company from that time was chosen with an imposing headquarters in the fair’s belly. Quiet times followed …

By 1968, however, the clouds of turmoil began gathering around the building. This is the year when the state inaugurated the new building for the post office and telegraph in the city center. “The big post ”, as it was known by everybody at the time, became the palace in which all the activities related to communications were going to take place. The “old post” remained a building to which a new purpose had to be found. Nothing happened for two years. The building began to slowly deteriorate. The building was subject to major repairs and was transferred to the patrimony of the Constanta socialist education and culture committee. In 1974, the building was chosen to host popular art collections. Hard work was needed in order to build the collections gathered from all over the country related to the civilization of Dobrogea. 17,000 pieces from all areas of the country, gathered by museographers, are sheltered exposed, for visitors interested in the folk clothing and the Romanian traditions.

After the 90’s problems began. The Romanian Post suddenly remembered the building and put a claim on it. After 7 years of trials, the building has remained in the patrimony of the municipality and continues to host the exhibitions of the Museum of Folk Art to this day.  So, if you ever pass near it, do not go through your day  “Old Post” without entering. Every visitor will be amazed to find out what cultural treasure is hiding inside. Even if it is not a bank office, as it was intended at one time. Between the thick walls is stored an asset whose value is given by hundreds of years of tradition.

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