The Genovese Lighthouse

The foundation of the original Genoese lighthouse (circa 1300) which guided the ships over a radius of 2 miles towards the small port of Constanta, was of great use to the French engineer of Armenian origin Artin Aslan. Between 1858-1860 he built the current lighthouse, at the orders of the English company „Danube and Black Sea Railway co. Limited “.

The monument has a height of 16 meters, an octagonal shape and is built of natural stone blocks, carved on all faces and joined together with mortar made of lime and sea sand mixed with shells. The lighthouse continues upwards with an eight-pane metal dome from which the light was projected. Also, the top of the dome is decorated with elements that indicate the four cardinal points. Inside, there is a spiral staircase, with 53 steps, which leads to the metal dome. The uniqueness of the lighthouse is given by the beautiful octagonal shape making it a sight to behold.   The lighthouse guided the sailors with its white light, which rose 21 meters above the sea and had a visibility of about 5 kilometers wide. Unlike other constructions of the same type, the headlight from Constanta did not rotate. The lighthouse operated until 1905, when it was replaced by a more modern one.

The Genovese lighthouse is a monument that can pass easily unnoticed, but its beauty and importance for the city of Constanta are undeniable. The Genovese lighthouse is located on the cliff of the city, between the Casino and the former Hotel Carol (today known as the Marine Command).

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