The Royal Pavilion (Queen’s Nest)

The Royal Pavilion inside the Constanta Port, known as the Queen’s Nest,usually passes unnoticed in the rush of those who pass through the port. It was built in 1909-1910 and was a tribute to the engineers and port workers from that time for the royal family, especially for Queen Elizabeth,who was a great lover of the sea. Few of us know that in this little known building, from the end of the dock in the harbor precinct, at the Queen’s Nest, there were truly remarkable events that took place.

Initially built of wood, in the shape of a ship, the pavilion burned due to a short circuit, but was later rebuilt, following the plans of Victor Stefanescu. He also designed the “Carol I” Mosque, the Communal Palace – the current Museum of National History,the Constanta Archeology, contributed to the configuration of the showroom at the Casino, made the plans of the Cananau Village and the Pariano House and the current Sculpture Museum “Ion Jalea”. His plans all went to the idea of a ship that is surrounded by several large waves, but the initial plan of the building was respected. The repair and renovation works from 1927-1928 transformed the old pavilion into the building that, in part, still exists today. The wooden walls were replaced with brick walls, and the roof was reinforced with concrete beams. The terrace was extended to the side from the lighthouse.

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