The “Sutu” Villa

The “Sutu” Villa was built in the 19th century, above Tomis Port, being one of the most beautiful buildings in the Peninsula. The construction was made according to the plans of the architect Grigore Cerchez, and was commissioned as a summer residence by Mihail Sutu, one of the first numismatist of Dobrogea. Legend has it that the villa was built on the site of an older house built by Mihail Sutu’s father,  the boyar Costache Sutu, during the Turkish period. Mihail Sutu eventually took over this house which is said to have had a pier, because it was located right on the seafront.

The “Sutu” Villa is a true architectural marvel. Its facade is influenced by the Arab style. Outside there is a terrace-gallery with the roof supported by columns with decorative arches painted on a wall. The rooms inside are decorated in the style of the Arab palaces in Damascus and Algiers, having specific elements of the Turkish palaces in Constantinople. The ceiling is interestingly polychrome. The courtyard of the villa is very beautiful. The spiral staircase, built close to the wall structure, allowed to descend directly onto the beach. Inside, the Moorish elements the arabesques blend harmoniously with the traditional Romanian style, and the richness of the oriental source ornaments is extraordinary.

After the Romanian state abusively took over the both the villa and the large surrounding lands, the building was used first as the headquarters of the Czech Consulate, then as the headquarters of the Constanta Court of Appeal, so that in the end it would be closed and preserved.

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